• Image of Vinegar Tom
  • Image of Vinegar Tom
  • Image of Vinegar Tom

Limited edition fine art print
Printed on Canson infinity Rag Photographique Duo
Edition: 100

Available in 2 sizes:
A2 - €100 (excl VAT)
A3 - €85 (excl VAT)

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Elizabeth Clarke was the first English woman interrogated by the so-called 'Witchfinder General', Matthew Hopkins in 1645. After multiple nights of sleep deprivation and coercion she was forced to confess that she was a witch and was later hanged. Hopkins claimed that he had seen Elizabeth summoning her familiar spirits, imps in animal form. Among these familiars was a greyhound named Vinegar Tom. Described as having long legs and horns, he appeared to have the ability to shape-shift into the form of a boy. Her other familiars, supposedly witnessed appearing to her during the night, were Holt, Sacke and Sugar, Pyewackett, Pecke-in-the-Crown, Newes and Elemauzer, names which, according to Hopkins, "no mortal could invent".

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